Transition Year Programme 2024

NEWS / 2 June 2024

Following a review of the needs of our students, International Research Findings (OECD) and the NCCA Draft Transition Year Programme Statement we are very pleased to be introducing the following personal development courses as part of our programme next year. 

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LIFT Ireland 

Schools are a vital component of LIFT Ireland. To create a nation of leaders, we need to show students from an early stage what it takes to be a leader. LIFT Ireland’s leadership learning process is based on eight key leadership values. While partaking in LIFT’s programme, participants are introduced to one value per week, for 8 weeks. LIFT’s leadership learning process provides students with the foundation to become leaders in their own lives. Students that have taken part in LIFT have improved their listening skills, increased confidence and become more emphatic, understanding and positive.

Narrative 4 Share stories, build bridges, create connections. The Story Exchange teaches young people social and emotional skills and improves wellbeing.

Climate Literacy

Module topics include: Climate Change Sustainable Development Climate Justice Plastic and the Ocean Fast Fashion Sustainable Transport Biodiversity Loss Food and Soil Taking Action

Drama, Film and Theatre Studies

Food From the Ground Up

The Rite Journey

Our mission as an organisation is to support the development of global citizens ready and prepared for the world that awaits them.

These along with our Social Action Week (Mitzvah Week), Enterprise, , ICDL IT Skills, lSMD Guidance Skills, Well Being, Young Social Innovator core subjects and external certification, our taster subject options, cross curricular activities and all the other marvellous things that go on each year! See the TY blog channel for more!

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