TY students nominated for 'Best School Made Film' in Fresh Film Festival

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NEWS / 1 April 2019

The 1st Year Digital Media team of Kate, Sarah and Josh, interviewed the TY students - Eva, Finn, Zack and Nellie - who travelled to Limerick on Thursday, 28th March to showcase their film 'Pearls'. Their film was nominated for the 'Best School Made Film' award in the Fresh Film Festival.

For the TY Film Module in English, students were assigned a project to write and direct a short film to enter into the Fresh Film Festival. Eva, Zack, Finn and Nellie produced one called 'Pearls'. Eva wrote and directed the film. Nellie played a character called Dev, Zack edited it and was also the voice of the dad, while Finn managed the sound. The main actress in 'Pearls' was Juno who is currently attending The High School.  

The Fresh Film Festival final was held in Castletroy, Limerick on the 28th of March. The group of students decided it would be best to take the train there after school the day before so that they wouldn't have to rush the next morning. They stayed overnight in the Limerick City Hotel. The festival started at 10am the following morning, it was split into five sessions where they watched all of the winning short film entries, there were 71 films to watch. 'Pearls' was nominated for the 'Best School Made Film' award, but sadly didn't win.  
The students said it was a little stressful but very enjoyable.  
'It was a great experience that really exceeded my expectations,' -Zack 
'An amazing experience, it really gave us a great introduction to how film works.' -Eva 
'A really fun time, I'd definitely enter again next year.' -Finn 
'I would absolutely enter again next year, an amazing two days, it was stressful at times but we brought our mascot Kermit the frog to support us! -Nellie 

Thanks to Orla Corrigan for bringing the students to Limerick, and to Ms Talbot and Ms Reynolds for their support.

See Awards & Achievements page.
By Josh, Kate and Sarah (1st year Media Team)

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