The TY Delphi Trip is back!

NEWS / 28 October 2022

Monday, 27th October saw the TY's head off to Delphi with much anticipation and excitement in the air! TY student, Stephen O'Reilly, writes about the three-day trip.

On Monday we went to Delphi and settled in. We were all very excited about the activities as well as the rooms that all of us would be staying in. 

Our first activity was kayaking which was fun even though we all got soaked. It was great craic because we all had to climb into each others boats. I remember climbing into the boats and falling in twice. 

On the second day we did the aerial trek and team work. On the third day we did the bog - some people hated the bog and the weather at times was lashing. 

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Stephen O'Reilly, TY

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