Stratford students watch Youth Assembly in Dáil debate issues on Climate Change

Youth Climate Change Dail 15 Nov2019 1065X484 Image courtesy of Oireachtas TV
NEWS / 15 November 2019

On Friday the 15th of November, the students in Stratford College watched the first four Youth Assembly speakers talk about Climate Action in the House of the Oireachtas. After listening to inspirational Youth Activists, we were tasked with reflecting on what was said.

Food and Agriculture

  • Buy local, seasonal produce
  • Self-sufficiency
  • More sustainable food and agriculture
  • Cut down of meat and vegetables

As a country we must work together to cut down on emissions and unsustainable agriculture practices. There are many ways to approach this and we think the process starts with beginning to buy local, seasonal food. With this start we can cut down on emissions that comes from the international travel it takes for those items to be imported.

We also think it is critical that we focus on re-forestation and re-claiming form land. A huge amount of land in this country has unused previous form land, with most people moving to large cities, farmland is being abandoned and it is of great importance that we don’t let this land go to waste. Using this land for forests will increase the oxygen and improve the quality of the air as a whole. It is of extreme importance that we take action and work now on these issues to ensure a clean environment for both ourselves and future generations.
Eva Corrigan, Jools Reilly, Zach Musumeci and Conor Ryan


There should be better education about climate change. The more that younger generations are educated about the future of our planet, the more that they will want to get involved. If there’s no future for the planet then there is no future for us.

The reason that so many people are denying climate change is because of lack of education. Young children are so impressionable.

“Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world”- Nelson Mandela

It is important that our effect on the environment is taught from a young age so that we can be aware of our carbon footprint throughout our lives.
Grace MacDonnell, Popi McHale, Rebecca McCabe, Katie Jo Fitzpatrick, Conn Healy and Alex Doherty


As we should all be aware of climate change has disastrous consequences in all aspects of our lives.

It is destroying our world at an ever-increasing rate. It is destroying the most beautiful and significant places on Earth, causing flora and fauna to become extinct at a rate similar to mass extinction events in Earth’s history, and it will be the end of the us if we don’t come together and commit to solutions which will help sustain life on Earth.

If we want to preserve the natural beauty of our island, our rich forests, our vast shores and our wild creatures, we must make changes, quickly, decisively and diligently.

We need a clean, smart and sustainable plan for the future- to educate people on how to be sustainable, to use more eco- friendly materials and hold the government accountable for safeguarding our country.

House of the Oireachtas

  • Power – energy
  • Fossil fuels – none
  • Renewable energy
  • Celebrities highlighting issues with Irish government

After listening to the speaker from the Power group we decided to focus on that. He criticized the Irish Government and their actions. He stated they were an embarrassment multiple times and introduced two solutions to the power issue.

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