Innovation in the Classroom

TY students make an LED Torch at a Makeshop workshop Photo: Ms Finnegan
NEWS / 10 November 2016

"Teaching through Technology: the appliance of science" and "What will learning be like in 2036?" are two articles where Stratford College features in the Irish Times Special Report on 'Innovation in the Classroom', published Thursday, 10th November 2016.

In a report "Innovation in the Classroom", published in the Irish Times on Thursday, 10th November, Stratford College is featured explaining how students learn not only o use technology during Computer Studies classes, but through all subjects. Using a digital portfolio via OneNote and Office 365 allows both students and teachers to collaborate in the classroom and online, whether in the classroom or from home. "Schools need to prepare students for business world; Teaching through Technology: the appliance of science" and "What will learning be like in 2036?" feature Stratford College.

Read the reports here in PDF format:

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