Awards Ceremony 2021 - online and most innovative!

Awards Ceremony
NEWS / 22 October 2021

This year's Awards Ceremony was again held online on Friday morning, 22nd October but with a mix of livestreaming from each classroom as rewards were announced! Ms Talbot and Student Council co-ordinated an incredible online production, involving filming, editing and producing many videos as each award was announced.

Past-pupil, Leah Gaynor (2017) was guest speaker who spoke about sustainable fashion. Leah is currently doing a Masters on this topic in The Netherlands. Green Schools committee members, Carrie and Caoimhe also spoke about the importance of what each of us can do to take care of the earth.

As ever, students were awarded books as their prize.

Olivia sang beautifully to round off the Awards Ceremony - click on the audio file (at the end of this blog) and enjoy!

Sincere thanks to all the students, staff and Ms Talbot who put in a tremendous effort to make this year's Awards Ceremony so special.

Check out some photos on the 2021-2022 web gallery.

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