World Book Day celebrations: 'Booky Breakfast' book swap sale raises €180 for charity

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NEWS / 8 March 2019

World Book Day 2019 in Stratford College kicked off with high-powered fruit juices and smoothies made on the spot by the TYs, while students, staff and parents browsed the many, many books in the book sale. Student, staff and parents were actively encouraged to bring in two books and €2 to make it the best book sale and 'booky breakfast' ever! And it was - we raised €180 for St. Michael's House. The juices and smoothies were also awesome!

The book sale was only one of the events during World Book Day. During the Book Sale, Zack had conjured up a great quiz to keep everyone puzzling over the answers. Well done to Eva in TY who won this quiz! 

At form-time, classes were competing against each other in the 'make-a-jigsaw-puzzle' as fast as you can (30 pieces) and 'guess-the-teacher's-shelfie' quiz. 1st years made the jigsaw puzzle the fastest and 3Y got most of the teachers' shelfies correct! Throughout Computer Studies classes students took part in a World Book Day Kahoot quiz ... but with a twist! If you answered the right answer, you were wrong!

At lunchtime Ms Talbot organised a Poetry slam - "Reading is Power" - in the Library where students read out their favourite poems or ones that they had written themselves. In the afternoon, Ms Finnegan brought the TYs to the Lexicon Library in Dun Laoghaire to relax for the afternoon in this beautiful building.

The next excitement to look forward to is dressing up as your Literary Hero on Purim - Thursday, 20th March!

Many thanks to the TY Library Prefects who have been working on preparing for World Book Day since January. Eva, Zack, Valery, Jeremy, Grace, Popi, Annabel and Finn all sported their World Book Day t-shirts designed by Eva.

Ms Talbot and Ms O'Kelly

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