World Book Day celebrated alongside Purim

NEWS / 13 March 2020

This year Stratford students and staff celebrated World Book Day on Tuesday, 10th March to coincide with Purim! Everyone was encouraged to dress up as their favourite fictional character.

The annual book sale was organised by the TYs, who also continued with the new tradition of a "Booky Breakfast". This translates to the TYs making juices and smoothies - for free - for everyone! The TYs raised €108 for St Michael's House from the Book Sale.

The TY Library prefects - Rachel, Finn, Olivia, Katie, Robyn and Cian - all worked hard in the weeks to the run-up to the book sale, organising the books, ideas and quizzes. Many thanks to them.

It must be noted - for the record - that the reason there are no photos (yet) from World Book Day is because all the photos are on the school camera. And where is the school camera during these COVID-19 closures? In school! As soon as we get back to normal, the photos will be posted to the web gallery.

PostScript, 8th June 2020 - the photos have been retrieved from school and are now uploaded to the 2019-2020 gallery. Enjoy!

Ms O'Kelly, Ms Talbot and the Library Prefects

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