Transition Year with Student Council lead Concern's National Fast on 18th November

Poverty Fast Poster
NEWS / 26 November 2021

Transition Year students and Student Council lead the school to support Concern's National Fast on Thursday 18th November. Donations can be made online:

As part of our Global Citizenship activities, students were allowed fast by one of the following examples:

  • Not using your phone (just have your phone for commuting to and from school)(Wellbeing - just being device-free!)
  • Not eating meat (Sustainability/Climate Action) or sweets/chocolate. (Wellbeing for Healthy Body/Healthy Mind)
  • Not eating food for the day or part of it

As of 26th November, Stratford has raised €770 which is fantastic. Our goal is €1000.

Thanks to Charlie Murphy (TY) for making this fantastic poster!

Ms Kenny

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