The TY Delphi Trip 2019

NEWS / 16 September 2019

The TY students headed off excitedly to Delphi on Monday, 9th September for their 4-day trip. TY student Mia Warren wrote a review of the trip for English...

On Monday September the 9th, I woke up at 6am. I contemplated whether going to Delphi was even worth leaving my warm bed. Although it was really early, a small piece of me was really excited for the day ahead. After a few minutes of lying semi-awake under my covers, I rolled out of bed.

We were supposed to meet up in Heuston Station at 7am, so we could catch the train at 7.30am. I arrived on time, still slightly sleepy, but when I saw everyone else there with their luggage, it set in that we were going to Delphi. The Delphi trip is something you hear about the second you set foot in Stratford College. Every year talks about how it’s such a great bonding experience, so I had high hopes for what the next few days would be like.

We got on the first train at 7.20am so we would all have time to find seats and put our luggage away. We had to lift our extremely heavy suitcases and backpacks onto the overhead rack. Everyone ended up helping each other with their luggage and when I say everyone, what I mean by that is actually Ms Talbot putting around half of the years’ bags up onto the rack. I tried to put mine up but the weight of my bag and the fact that I was still tired made me want to collapse straight back into my bed. We repeated the same process of moving our bags, twice more, once onto another train and a third time onto the bus that took us to the resort.

We stayed in Delphi for four days and three nights. Over the course of this time we did lots of different activities. For example, the first activity we did the afternoon we arrived was rock-climbing. I am not exactly an acrobat when it comes to heights, so I was pretty nervous when it came to my turn. When I was a little over half-way up the wall it started to get a lot more difficult and it didn’t help that I was shaking like a napkin in the wind. The people in my group knew that I was scared so they cheered me on and told me where to put my hands and feet. They wanted to make sure I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and reached the top of the wall. To my great surprise I reached the top of the wall. I'm really glad they didn’t let me give up.

My favourite part about the whole trip was how close I got with my classmates. I shared a room with nine other girls, which may sound like a nightmare to some people, but it was so much fun. We stayed up sitting on our floor, eating sweets and talking for hours every night. Our room was also directly opposite the common room, so we got to talk to some people from the other schools as well.

I really enjoyed the trip, and so far it is definitely the highlight of TY. Although the one thing I'm not excited about is seeing all of the photos of us plastered around the school.

Thanks to Ms Finnegan for organising the trip, and to Ms Gordon, Ms Corrigan and Ms Talbot for taking us. See the 2019-2020 Gallery for more photos.

Mia Warren (TY)

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