Growing up in Ireland report (2018): "Only quarter of 9 year olds get enough physical activity"

U16 Stratford Boys Basketball Oct 2018 Photo: Ms Finnegan
NEWS / 3 December 2018

In the Growing up in Ireland national longitudinal study of children, recent short reports on the lives of 9 year-olds from the study highlighted "just one-quarter reported being physically active for at least 60 minutes every day – the World Health Organisation recommended level of activity for children" (Irish Heart Foundation).

This trend is also reflected in a report in The Irish Times from September 2016, which highlighted research by Dr Sinead Sheridan (DCU), which found "schoolchildren as young as 15 years of age are now presenting with warning signs of heart disease typically seen in people aged 55-60."

The following image outlines the Stratford College vision for Physical Education:

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