Student Council 'Eye on Nature' competition: prizewinning photos announced

Eye on Nature Wellbeing Competition: 1st Prize photo M. Cazan (2nd Year)
NEWS / 2 June 2021

The Wellbeing committee have been working especially hard this term to devise challenges for each month we had a variety available for students to choose from including, sustainable cooking, couch to 5k and even yoga challenges. We also had competitions to spark the competitive side amongst each year groups which were the Chasing Joy competition at the start of 2021 and more recently our 'Eye on Nature' competition.

‘Chasing Joy’ was the inspiration for the competition and you had to come up with an idea that resonated with them. The student got very creative with their entries some of which were, drawings, photos and songs.

Our most recent competition was the ‘Eye on Nature’ this was a photography competition where students had to go outside (within their 5k of course) and take pictures of what they thought was beautiful in nature, I myself along with other members of student council had a hard time deciding who should win so we asked for expert advice from Ms Mahon and Mr Brilly.

1st prize: Miruna Cazan, 2nd Year

2nd prize: Paula Berrajet, 2nd Year

3rd prize: Katie Wilcoxson, 5th Year

Mia Quirke (5th Year - Head of Well-being Committee)

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