Chasing Joy: January Challenges

Mural File Update
NEWS / 1 February 2021

Student Council have been promoting the "Chasing Joy" competition throughout January.

Mia Quirke (5th Year prefect) explains: For the month of January there is a competition and 21 Day Walking Challenge while we are learning from home.

One of the January Challenges is a competition entitled "Chasing Joy", where the students had the freedom to interpret the theme however they wanted and could also choose any art form - whether it was literary, painting, video, sculpture, dance etc. There is a €1000 cash prize up for grabs and because we are the only school involved, the odds are amazing for one of our students to win!

Student Council has also made sure to promote the competition as well as possible by going to each Year's Tutor time and the enthusiasm from our students was so exiting to see. The work that has been sent in so far has been great and the Student Council Wellbeing committee can’t wait to see who wins.

Mia Quirke (5th Year)

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