6th Year Graduation - a very special occasion celebrated online

Best Of Luck 2020
NEWS / 18 May 2020

Friday, 15th May 2020 heralded another first in Stratford - an online 6th Year Graduation - hosted by Ms Talbot and Student Council all through Zoom!

6th Year students, their families and friends, the Board of Management, teaching staff and past teachers, admin staff and 5th Years were invited to a most moving occasion.

Ms Gordon opened the graduation with a thought-provoking speech. Then Mr Priestley as the 6th Year's form teacher gave a moving and heartfelt speech. This was followed by Jakob Miller giving his speech on behalf of the 6th Year students. Annabel Murphy (5th Year) responded as chair of Student Council. Eithne Kelly on behalf of the Parents Association spoke movingly about Stratford's sense of community.

There followed a series of short videos from the teachers who all gave their insights into the legacy that the 6th Years have left behind - and critically explaining to the 6th Years why they will be missed!

The much-awaited 6th Year Graduation video - so ably produced and edited by Jack McAvinue - brought us through the full cycle of their years in Stratford. So many strong and positive memories were evoked!

The Graduation finished up by being dedicated to Sebastian who will always remain in our thoughts.

It was a wonderful online 6th Year Graduation. Sincere thanks and congratulations to Ms Talbot for all the time and energy in organising it and ensuring that technologically there were no major issues. Thanks too to Student Council for their help.

We wish you all the best 6th Years! You will be missed.

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