TY's co-ordinate masterful online End-of-Term Quiz

Ty Winter Term Quiz 22 Dec2020 Img 7221
NEWS / 23 December 2020

The last day of the winter term always finishes up with a school quiz in the hall. Not this year! Due to Covid-19 restrictions all classes were in their base room and the TY's broadcast the quiz on Zoom from the Computer Lab. It was an extremely close competition over 7 rounds...

... and it wasn't until the very last round that the 5th years edged ahead of the 6th years to come first with 54 points. The 6th years got 52 points and the 3rd years came 3rd with 47 points.

It was a masterclass in digital skills - pre-recorded videos, audio, live broadcasting, apps, online questions, spreadsheets and online collaboration. Well done to the TY's who co-ordinated the whole event - Grace, Noam, Sean, Jonah, Ayush, Evan, Reema.

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Ms Finnegan, Ms O'Kelly

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