Together Apart - Keeping in Touch in Stratford

Together Apart
NEWS / 6 October 2020

Stratford College is keeping in touch with students and parents in as many different ways as possible! Information meetings and parent teacher meetings will be conducted virtually as per our school calendar. Details will follow before each meeting as relevant. And see Digital Teaching & Learning in Stratford and at home.

While all these measures will never replace person to person interaction and all this technology is exhausting, we hope you find them helpful in our current circumstances!

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Subject Blogs, Art, Wellbeing, Green Schools, Student Council / 2 June 2021
Student Council 'Eye on Nature' competition: prizewinning photos announced

Student Council 'Eye on Nature' competition: prizewinning photos announced

The Wellbeing committee have been working especially hard this term to devise challenges for each month we had a variety available for students to choose from including, sustainable cooking, couch to 5k and even yoga challenges. We also had competitions to spark the competitive side amongst each year groups which were the Chasing Joy competition at the start of 2021 and more recently our 'Eye on Nature' competition.

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