The Awards Ceremony 2020 - like no other!

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NEWS / 23 October 2020

This year's Awards Ceremony, held on Friday 23rd October, was like no other. The 6th Year prefects had pre-recorded the teachers giving their speeches. Students from the Leaving Certificate class of 2020 joined the online Awards Ceremony. Tomi Reichental, as special guest, gave a thought-provoking speech about the privilege of getting an education.

Students were awarded books as their prizes which they were presented with at the appropriate time.

A huge effort by Grace, Annabel, Popi, Max and Josh to co-ordinate all of this resulted in a 35 minute video which was broadcast live over Teams on Friday morning, 23rd October. Students in their base classrooms watched the broadcast on Teams with some live presentations by Ms Gordon and Annabel. We finished off with a virtuoso music interlude by Cian on saxophone - on the roof!

Sincere thanks to Ms Kenny, Ms Reynolds, Ms Gordon, Ms O'Kelly, Ms Conlon, the 6th Year Prefects, Student Council and Admin Staff.

See the 2020-2021 Gallery for more photos.

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