Stratford College Classics students win both the Junior and Senior Young Classicist Award 2020

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NEWS / 12 March 2020

On the 10th March, all of the 1st years along with students participating in the competition headed to UCD with Ms. Caspi and Ms. Donohoe. This is the second year of the competition. There were 200 students attending the action packed day with 100 students participating in the competition.

The event is organised by the CAI-T (Classical Association of Ireland - Teachers) and UCD Classics department. Dr. Martin Brady was the head judge on the day.

The standard of projects was very impressive and dozens of schools were represented, mainly from Dublin. Students from 1st to 6th competed on the day. There were artistic and dramatic presentations, Powerpoints, movies and more. There was even a Classics rap provided by our very own Alexey G. Alexey was singled out by Dr. Brady for the best performance.

At 2pm, everyone was asked back to lecture hall P where the winners were announced. Needless to say we were thrilled when Stratford College won 1st place in both the Junior and Senior sections. Both projects tied in with key sustainable development goals which was a key criteria. The students success is truly an Herculean achievement.

A colossal congratulations to all of the students who participated. Caoimhe and Charlie in 1st year, Frank in 3rd year, Alexey and Eva in 5th year and Hannah, Emma, Melanija and Sophie from 6th year. Thank you to all of you for an inspiring day for your teachers and the 1st years.

See also Awards & Achievements.

Ms. Donohoe

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