Poetry Salon 2024: Curated by The English Department

NEWS / 21 March 2024

Thursday, 21st March at lunchtime in the English room and it was brimming with students reciting their own poetry at the Poetry Salon 2024! The English Department curated the body of poetry written by students. Special thanks to our Guest Adjudicator and award winning novelist, Ms. Rachel Donohue. 

The winning poem was written by 1st Year student Vihaan Reddy. Congratulations also to Emily (5th Year), Rose (3rd Year), Matthew (1st Year) and Edenne (1st Year) who also won prizes for their poems.

Anger By Vihaan Reddy
A force that thrives in a vacant soul,
Enforces the pitfall of one's own dreams,
A sound blaring shattering ambition,
A mass weighed by burden as heavy as can be.
Grasping your thoughts with a fiery passion,
Swallowed whole by bewilderment with not a crumb to build on,
Witnessing the death of one who hasn't lived,
Yet you stare only to dwell a blazed.
If you seize this fire with tasteful eyes,
One would harness the zeal that lies within,
A once blank soul now blessed with desire,
A soul now thirsty for growth.

The Anger within sets a blazing fire,
Creating a soul longing for change and desire.

Thanks to Ms McGill, Ms Talbot and Ms Wieder for organising the Poetry Salon! A wonderful way to spend a lunchtime.

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