Group of 5th Years come 2nd in the 2021 EU Codeweek Hackathon National Finals

Euhackathon Nat Finals 24 Sept Img 8196
NEWS / 24 September 2021

On Thursday afternoon, 23rd September and all Friday morning, team 'SC-Babbage' (5th Year students - Annalivia, Adam, Dónal, Lysander and Ayush) competed in the National Finals of the 2021 EU Codeweek Hackathon. Similarly there were National Finals in Romania, Italy, Greece, Slovenia and Latvia.

On Thursday afternoon, the team were told of their new brief: to add accessibility features (voice-to-text etc) to their digital solution to promote local communities/groups to communicate with each other. So basically they had to add new functionality to their 'charitable donations' website which they had built from the first round of the competition back in April.

The deadline for the code? 10am on Friday morning. Some of the team coded/tested, while others joined an online meeting (all through discord) to learn more about accessibility issues and software.

On Friday morning once the 10am deadline was met, the next task was to prepare the pitch to be finalised by 11.30am. All done through discord again! Well done to Ayush who demo'd the website live, with voice-to-text recognition working!

Nervously we all waited for the results to be announced just before 2pm. It was a great achievement for team 'SC-Babbage' to come 2nd. Everyone learned a lot about teamwork and meeting punishing deadlines!

Thanks to Ms Talbot and all the 5th years who came along to support the team as we waited for the results... it felt like being in the Eurovision! Thanks too to Julie Power and Pam O'Brien and all the Irish judges for organising this competition.
Ms O'Kelly

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