TYs compete in EU Codeweek Hackathon - one team gets to National Finals

Eucodeweek Hackathon 2021 Ref: https://codeweek.eu/hackathons
NEWS / 28 April 2021

Six countries, six hackathons! The TYs competed in a new EU Codeweek venture - a 24 hour hackathon - which started on Monday, 26th April. Students aged 15-19 from Ireland, Romania, Italy, Greece, Slovenia and Latvia were invited to create an innovative tech solution. On Tuesday afternoon they had to pitch their solution to a panel of judges.

On Monday afternoon the TYs were given the task - to create a digital solution to promote local communities/groups to communicate with each other. The TY groups were competing against each other and all the other groups from other schools in Ireland. The communications platform used for the hackathon was discord.com!

Each TY group got thinking, coding, designing. Each group had to have a coder, a designer and a pitcher, however there were other roles such as engineers, creators/inventors, tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, marketers, curious minds.

The TYs pitched brilliantly on Tuesday afternoon and at 3.30pm the teams going on to the National Finals (to be held in the autumn) were announced. Well done to Annalivia, Adam, Bailey, Dónal and Ayush, who made it to the EU Codeweek National Finals!

Ms O'Kelly, Ms Finnegan

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