Green Schools awarded 5th Green Flag for Travel

Green Schools Travel Poster 1St Year Sd
NEWS / 31 August 2021

On the 27th of May, key members from the Green Schools Committee took part in our inspection visit online for the 5th Green Schools Travel Flag application.

The meeting was a great success. Every student presented and were able to discuss their own personal involvement and the school community's involvement in our Travel Flag application.

Laura (the inspector) praised the committee in her feedback session on how all students were actively involved in the presentation from all year groups.

This was our 5th Green Schools Application, and I am delighted that it was another success for the students and the school.

It was an extra challenging application given the restraints posed by Covid.

In June, the Green Schools Committee completed all the final parts of the application form - a special thanks to Carrie and Caoimhe who attend online meetings with me during their summer holidays. The dedication of the Green Schools Committee is commendable, and I look forward to more new members as we start our journey towards our 6th flag - Biodiversity. Cian and Olivia have given so generously of their time. As they are now in 6th year, they will be particularly busy, but we look forward to their valuable insights when they can join us.

We will be holding our first Green Schools meeting next week and hopefully the weather will be kind and we can meet outside.

Congratulations to the Committee and thanks to the school community for their support. The poster photographed for this blog was drawn by Skye (when in 1st Year).

Ms. Donohoe
Green Schools Co-Ordinator

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