3rd Year Minecraft project wins 2nd prize in Classics Now national competition!

Classics Now 2Nd Prize Winners 2020 Img 7036
NEWS / 15 December 2020

Congratulations to Daniel, Sam and Josh in 3rd Year for winning 2nd prize in the Classics Now national competition for secondary students held in mid-November. They created a Minecraft project which you can watch in the video that they submitted! Josh writes of their experience.

Daniel, Sam and I entered the competition with not much hope, doing it just for fun. We slowly built up the scenes in a blank Minecraft world, and recorded the audio to go alongside it. I put it together in an editing app, and added music to make it more enjoyable. Each member played a key role in the building and editing of the video, and no one did more work than another. We worked really well as a team, and were ecstatic to discover we had landed the second-place prize in a national competition!

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Josh (3rd Year)

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