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NEWS / 13 March 2019

Wellbeing is weaving through life at Stratford College. Students engage in various aspects of wellbeing, including social in areas such as SPHE, Guidance & CSPE; curriculum activities encourage themes such as ‘managing myself’, ‘being active’ and ‘resilient’; physical through PE with emphasis on the importance of exercise and nutrition, emotional with the practice of ‘mindfulness’ and feeling connected. 

A number of school activities have promoted this. The winter term focused on the whole school community feeling ‘connected’ to local and wider communities.  Student Council led initiatives such as a food collection for Focus Ireland during Mitzvah Week and a Concern Fast raised money and awareness about the work of Concern.  

This Spring, Transition Year SPHE & CSPE participated in the Young Social Innovators Programme (YSI) and chose the theme ‘Mental Health & Young Children’. Other popular activities such as Build a Bank, SciFest and TY Classical Mini Olympics have also promoted student wellbeing.

Co-Curricular activities such as Creative Writing Club, Drama, Music Society and Film Club facilitate wellbeing as students to feel empowered and emotionally connected through Arts and Culture. ‘Mindfulness’ is practised in classes such as Science, Biology, Music. 

More active pursuits such as Tennis, Basketball, Yoga, Historical Fencing as well as Coderdojo and Gaming Club offer another area where students feel connected in their school community.   

Wellbeing Week will be held 28 April-1 May with the theme: ‘Healthy Body, Healthy Mind’ and will serve as a platform to deliver other initiatives such as a Junior Cycle PE/CSPE classes Dodder Clean Up/ Orienteering in May with Stratford’s Green Schools. Themes such as being physically active, active citizenship and the environment will inform and drive such days.  Art and Music will facilitate mindfulness.  Outside agencies have and will continue to support curriculum, with workshops and guest speakers from Shout Out, Zeeko and Jigsaw to name but a few.  Being active is a core element of this week - HIIT classes in the hall and other sporting activities will supplement co-curricular activities. 

Based on a school-wide consultation about wellbeing in Stratford College the priorities identified are as follows: 

  • improved participation in school sports programme 
  • social media awareness
  • nutrition

Ms Kenny, Ms Finnegan, Ms Donohoe, Mr Culliney

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