TYs introduced to Chinese music

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NEWS / 4 October 2018

Thanks to Yogi in TY for introducing his classmates and Ms Donohoe to the Erhu (Chinese violin) on Wednesday, 3rd October. 

Yogi played some beautiful traditional Chinese music and The Last Rose of Summer. He also taught some students how to play. We are currently learning about world mythology and shared cultures. Music as a common culture is a popular topic within the class.

Ms Donohoe

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General School News / 15 August 2019
Implementing Stratford’s Digital Learning Framework plan: Windows 10 upgrade

Implementing Stratford’s Digital Learning Framework plan: Windows 10 upgrade

Our ambition at Stratford College has always been to foster independent learning.

In order to implement aspects of this standard Stratford upgraded all its computers to Windows 10 from Windows 7 over the summer.

As Windows 10 needs a lot more computer resources to run than Windows 7, upgrading computer hardware was necessary. This involved replacing old PC’s (pre-2014) with 10 new PC’s (with Solid State Drives). The PC’s in the Computer Lab and in the classrooms have had extra RAM installed and their hard drive replaced with a Solid State Drive. The old pre-2014 PC’s have been redeployed for use in Computer Science classes and for browsing the Web.

This is the second part of a two year programme where last year we upgraded our firewall and was one of the pilot schools to introduce Leaving Certificate Computer Science.

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