Two 5th Year students win award at SciFest National Finals 2020

Sci Fest Nat Finals Berlin Award2020
NEWS / 23 November 2020

Congratulations to Finn and Cian in 5th Year who won the "Berlin Long Night of Science" Award at the online SciFest National Finals on 21st November for their coding project called "Lost" which they started in TY. They won a three-day trip to Berlin in June 2021 to celebrate its Long Night of Science - when Berlin opens up its labs, libraries and musuems! How wonderful!

"Lost" is a maze game for the visually impaired coded in Scratch. They started working on this project in TY Computer Studies classes in September 2019 and continued to work on their project right through to October 2020. Sid Katepally worked on the project in the earlier stages, while Josh Wynne helped with making the video in the latter stages.

Watch the two minute video which they created for the SciFest STEM Outreach competition which explains their project.

A truly fantastic achievement! We're all so proud of you in Stratford!

See Awards/Achievements page.

Ms O'Kelly

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