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Stratford Covid19 Changes Summer2020
NEWS / 18 September 2020

6th Year Senior Prefect, Annabel Murphy reflects on the return to school: "Coming back to school with all the new changes was strange at the beginning."

"Seeing students and teachers with face masks on, having to stay socially distant and sticking to the one-way system was disheartening at the start but slowly it is becoming the new normal.

With all the new challenges, the positives are far greater. Getting to come into school every day and see my classmates is such a motivating part of the return this year. It is a gift to be able to return to our usual environment in classrooms and be taught face to face.

While it was annoying at the beginning to give up my locker, especially in sixth year, the use of personal devices has been a new learning experience for the students and teachers. I believe we are currently working in a modern, technology embracing environment and this new experience will stick to students like myself in the future."

See Stratford College Covid Response Plan for details.

Photos: Grace MacDonnell, Annabel Murphy and Popi McHale

Annabel Murphy (6th Year)

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