Supporting the Safe Provision of Schooling Department of Education (DE) Inspection (SSPS) 16 April 2021 (click on link)

Dear Parents, Staff and Students,

The Board of Management is pleased to note the Inspectorate carried out a SSPS visit to the school in order to provide an assurance that the Department’s guidelines are being implemented and to support the school in implementing them. The checks conducted during this inspection are based on the school’s COVID – 19 Response Plan for the safe and sustainable reopening of schools.

The inspector determined that, at the time of the visit, the school met the requirements of all of the checks.

In doing so the Board acknowledges the DE guidelines and resources made available to assist in reopening our school. Further, the Board also acknowledges the comprehensive in school planning, control measures, leveraging of technology and investment, and communication with our school community which keep our school safe.

Thank you to all our students, parents and staff for working so hard to keep our school community safe.

Patricia Gordon Secretary BOM

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