Smarter World Smarter Work: Future ready: improving graduate employability skills

Ibec Smarter World, Smarter Work
NEWS / 15 November 2018

How we work is changing. This paper highlights the needs for employers, educators and government to work together and identifies practical recommendations to make this happen. This work is part of Ibec’s Smarter World, Smarter Work campaign. 

The campaign looks at how work and the labour market is changing and sets out an ambitious vision for our economy and our society. Crucially, it identifies what action we need to take now if we are to reap the rewards and avoid the pitfalls. 

See here for more details.

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Subject Blogs, English/Drama, Wellbeing / 11 May 2020
The Writer's Group 2020 publish their eZine

The Writer's Group 2020 publish their eZine

A huge congratulations to The Writers' Group 2020 on publishing their ezine! They met most Thursdays to share their writing, to discuss books, and to take part in some creative writing exercises and competitions. I'm also delighted and proud to note that, Nellie Warren is going to have her short story published in the, 'Fighting Words', a supplement of the Irish Times for the second time!!

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