Feuding families - 3rd Year English students create short stories and podcasts

Pall Bearers
NEWS / 7 November 2019

Our third year students wrote short stories based around feuding families. While studying, "Romeo and Juliet", we explored the theme of feuding families in Ireland.

We specifically researched the Hutch/Byrne feud and the funeral in Harold's Cross. We used the 'Fighting Words' method of creative writing to ignite the voices of their characters. The class creates two main characters, their attributes, and desires. Next the class devises the dialogue around the given situation - the observation of the funeral mass. The story is then engaging and vivid from the outset.

Please listen to the podcast of Tom Ryland's short story, his characters were credible, his plot compelling and his imagery was cinematic. Read by Shane Healy, Dónal Ó Maolagáin, Sean Noonan and Tom Rylands. Enjoy! 'Love/Hate's' writer - Stuart Carolan beware!

Ms Reynolds

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