Bus Connects Dublin: Stratford's 'Transport to School' survey

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NEWS / 29 May 2019

Bus Connects Dublin is a government plan to transform Dublin’s bus system and to enhance Dublin’s cycling infrastructure. The proposed bus route changes may affect routes servicing Stratford College and the Rathgar neighbourhood.

We conducted an internal survey of all current Stratford College students as to the form of transport taken to and from school, bearing in mind the proposed route changes for the Rathgar area. We paid particular attention to students who use the bus and specifically routes 14, 15, 15A, 15B, 16 and 17.

Interesting Facts gleaned from the survey results include:

Public transport methods used by current students

  • 34% Bus and other
  • 24% Bus only
  • 18% Walk only
  • 9% Drive only
  • 9% Drive and Other (no bus)
  • 4% Cycle only
  • 2% Other

Bus Routes used by current students

  • 14% get the 14
  • 16% get the 15
  • 14% get the 15A
  • 17% get the15B
  • 5% get the 16
  • 8% get the 17

There is no doubt that proposed route changes will affect students in Stratford College. We will monitor progress of the proposed Government plan and keep you posted on developments. If you would like to read more yourself on this matter visit www.busconnects.ie.

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