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NEWS / 17 September 2021

Ms Reynolds explains how as part of creative writing our 5th Year English students were asked to select an object from a modern era fashion display. They were asked to look closely at your object. To notice each fine detail, while they drew it for 5 mins. Read Lysander O'Brien's phenomenal piece of writing - written in 10 minutes!

Next, they had to try to name each element of it e.g. Find out the proper noun for a baroque embellishment etc. Once they had that completed, they were asked to describe their object in great detail, to include every sensual detail.

Their next step was to see if they could find a character or setting out of their object? Who did they think would own this object? What's their name? What do they look like? Pay attention to how they move, what they would wear and how they would talk? Where do you think they are from? Where do they live? What is their home like?

Please take the time to read this phenomenal piece of writing by one of our 5th year students, Lysander O’Brien. He wrote it in ten minutes during class!! I can’t wait to read his novel … Look out for his name amongst the future best sellers!

"Upon my thigh rests a stainless-steel box reflecting the over-head light's sorry imitation of the sun's glow. The pearly rectangle of American origin depicts hibiscus in full bloom, dips and curves of etching like braille against my thumb's pad. Atop the crown, a lockable door obscures a coarse flint wheel paired with the lighter's coarse wick bound by copper strands. Along the opposite side, a lever rests in absent stasis as it patiently awaits its function to be fulfilled. The cap's interior has no remarkable features bar a locking mechanism - presumably the lever's partner. Though the lighter fluid is absent, the sweet scent of old stains and constant use permeates the cylindrical ignitor like a pungent perfume.

Picture a rotund man, dressed smartly in a coffee-brown suit, greasy locks of thin hair like black wire pushed backwards, displaying an unblemished forehead of incredible proportions. Between his fingers and thumb, nestled in loose, fatty skin, a slick lighter embellished by floral etchings of hibiscus blooms. In another hand, a cigar thick enough to rival that of the man's own digits slowly burning away at one end. Smoke licks prickly tongues of vapor through your nostrils like a splined octopus. The man's creased lips and yellowed teeth scratch a grim smile across the man's face as his folds push upwards and outwards. One might be tempted to believe he might share the blood of a Neapolitans mastiff coursing through his veins if science would permit such a bestial lineage. A lone button placed over the apex of this man's bloated stomach holds steadfast to keep the wood-like overcoat from bursting wide like a great dam. The man's inflection is vaguely Italian-American, clearly an immigrant or the son of someone who made their voyage across the Atlantic long ago. "

Lysander O'Brien

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