TYs having a wonderful time in Delphi

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NEWS / 4 September 2018

The TYs headed to Delphi Outdoor Adventure Centre early on Monday morning, 3rd September. They are due back on Thursday, 6th September. 

The TY students are having a most brilliant time in Delphi Adventure Centre, Co. Galway, from Monday, 3rd - Thursday 6th September. The weather has been very good so far, which has added to the trip. Thanks to Ms Finnegan for organising the trip.

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Subject Blogs, Wellbeing, General School News / 14 April 2019
Concern Cyclone Idai Emergency Appeal

Concern Cyclone Idai Emergency Appeal

In this dreadful crisis we are asking our school community to donate directly to Concern or to a charity of your choice. See here for Concern details.

Cyclone Idai has left a trail of destruction and a new wave of crisis emerges for more than 1.7 million people.

Food crisis looms

Heavy rain and floods have destroyed 95% of crops that provide food for families in Malawi and Mozambique. With only a two week window to distribute and replant seeds for a second harvest, we must act now to prevent a major food crisis.

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