Stratford Past Pupils Look Back: Killian McLouglin

Stratford  College
NEWS / 6 September 2016

Killian McLoughlin, English & Philosophy - UCD, contributed his memories of Stratford for the 60th Anniversary book, '60 Years A Growing', which was launched in November 2014.

Whilst a student at Stratford my nascent love for the humanities was constantly piqued by English, History and Classical Studies.  The promises of literary theory lay simmering beneath close readings of Steinbeck and Harper Lee, of contemporary culture lying-in-wait behind twentieth century American history and of political ideology, of democracy and imperialism, breaking through studies of ancient Greece and Rome, all provided the perfect impetus to uncover what the Liberal Arts have to offer.  

Now entering the final year of a BA in English literature and philosophy at UCD, my primary interests in English shall be Postcolonial Theory, World Literature and Queer Theory, whilst in philosophy I will focus on Political and Ethical Philosophy as well as Phenomenology and the Philosophies of Mind and Language. On completion of my BA, I aim to pursue a Postgraduate Degree in Philosophy, with a bias towards ‘continental’ philosophy; the study of certain political, ethical, social and cultural theories.  This trajectory no longer seems to be as disconnected from my time in school as it first did when I left for university.  Rather it seems the almost inevitable result of pursuing the academic interests that Stratford helped me to cultivate and explore.  My current choices reflect a natural continuation of my time in Secondary School and I would probably not have found the path that I am now on were it not for my experiences in Stratford.  For that and much, much more I can only thank my former teachers and classmates. 

Killian McLoughlin

Read the 60 Years A Growing eBook for more Stratford memories.

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