Stratford Past Pupils Look Back: Kevin McCarthy

Stratford  College
NEWS / 20 December 2016

Kevin McCarthy, Biomedical Engineer, contributed his memories of Stratford for the 60th Anniversary book, '60 Years A Growing', which was launched in November 2014.

After leaving Stratford College I went on to study Engineering in Trinity College Dublin, specialising in the Engineering with Management course; a course focused on mechanical and manufacturing engineering with management aspects. I graduated top of my class with First Class Honours, and was awarded the Professor Sir Bernard Crossland’s Prize in 2013.  

After completing the undergraduate BSc Programme I went on to do the MAI. I specialised in Biomedical Engineering, doing my thesis on scaffolds for bone tissue engineering. I finished the Masters Programme in May 2014. Currently I’m doing a course on Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Manufacturing. I am considering what I want to do next, be it working in industry or doing a PhD. 

Beyond the realms of education and academia I’m currently training for my black belt in Taekwondo. I’ve travelled the USA extensively, seeing such places as Yellowstone, Glacier National Parks and the Grand Canyon. I even returned to New York, after that ill-fated trip we took in Transition Year. I also started collecting fossils and currently have a collection with approximately 50 specimens ranging from the common trilobite to the more exotic triceratops frill and mammoth ivory.

Kevin McCarthy

Read the 60 Years A Growing eBook for more Stratford memories.

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