Stratford Past Pupils Look Back: Colm Dowling

Stratford  College
NEWS / 6 December 2016

Colm Dowling, Psychology, contributed his memories of Stratford for the 60th Anniversary book, '60 Years A Growing', which was launched in November 2014.

Looking back on my time at Stratford it doesn’t seem like six years since I’ve left. What I really loved about Stratford was the intimacy of the place. The small size of the school meant my peers felt like family members. Furthermore, there was never a sense that anyone was “just another student”. Every student was seen as an individual and the staff would go out of their way to make sure that individual needs were met.

Since leaving Stratford I have completed my BA in Philosophy & Drama Studies at UCD. I am now studying Psychology at Postgraduate level with the intent to become a Clinical Psychologist. My fondest memory of Stratford was the song-school we did in Transition Year. I still have the CD at home somewhere! The school plays were also a load of fun. There was a real sense of camaraderie during rehearsing. The determination of everyone involved to put on a great show was inspiring. 

I still stay in touch with a lot of my friends from Stratford and will continue to do so. I am moving to Scotland to pursue a Masters in Psychology but the lessons I have learned in Stratford and the friendships I have made will be with me wherever I go. 

Colm Dowling

Read the 60 Years A Growing eBook for more Stratford memories.

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