Our Learning School

Our Learning School
NEWS / 9 June 2021

Our Learning School

As we come to the end of a tumultuous academic year what have we in Stratford learnt going forward?

Human connections and interactions are at the heart of education and the role of the teacher in our school community is irreplaceable. Education is fundamentally a social contract and teachers and students thrive and flourish when in school. The sense of excitement and relief felt by teachers and students as Stratford reopened in August and again in March was palpable!

Our teachers have shown remarkable resourcefulness, collaboration and creativity in the way they adapted to a new on line learning environment. Their passion and commitment is second to none.

Student agency has put students at the national table where decisions were being made. They have a very important role to play in our school life and it is their voices we celebrated in on-line assemblies and graduations as well as in the classroom and in the relationships they have with their teachers.

Effective forms of on-line learning and blended teaching and learning have become an integral part of education. We have learnt a lot about how to do this better!

The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA)’s review of Senior Cycle could not be more timely.

Thank you to staff, parents, students and our Board of Management for the part you have played in our learning over the last 14 months.

Ms. Patricia Gordon Principal

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