6th Year Graduation reimagined as an outdoor Garden Party

6Thgraduationinvite May2021
NEWS / 18 May 2021

This year's 6th Year Graduation on Friday, 14th May was held outdoors and reimagined as a Garden Party, following strict public health guidelines. At noon it was pouring rain... but then it stopped and from 12.30pm it was such a beautiful sunny afternoon!

A huge amount of credit and thanks goes to Ms Maxwell, the Student Council, Brendan, Ms Donohoe, Ms Gordon and everyone involved in making it such a memorable graduation.

We're also delighted to share the graduation invitation, drawn by Nellie Warren (6th Year). We will miss those posters Nellie!

For more photos of the Graduation and of the Teachers vs 6th Years rounders match (earlier in the week), see the 2020-2021 Gallery. Note: the 6th Years won the rounders 12-1. We were robbed!!

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