5th Year Computer Science students visit Microsoft's DreamSpace

5Th Cs Dreamspace Img 20200210 115056
NEWS / 12 February 2020

The 5th Year Computer Science class visited @Microsoft'DreamSpace on Monday, 10th February for a day of coding and problem solving. Students were split into groups and given a folder of paper materials and one marble. Each group had 40 minutes to create the longest, most creative "marble run" they could engineer!

Jeremy thought the visit to Microsoft was "an incredible, eye-opening experience that gave me an insight into working in a tech firm that I wouldn't have without hearing the personal experience of employees!"

Max found the day "to be an innovative experience that tested our critical thinking skills and teamwork. How did it test it? Being able to co-operate when coding and constructing a 'marble run' runway! Being able to combine our ideas into one was gratifying."

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