Golden Jubilee Art Exhibition: Artist-in-Residence - Christopher Banahan

And Your Limbs Flourish Like By  Christopher Banahan Stratford College
GALLERY / 4 December 2014

Born in Nottingham to Irish parents, Christopher Banahan received a First Class Honours degree in Fine Arts at Trent University in 1981. He went on to obtain an MA in Fine Arts from Goldsmith’s College in London, and became a Rome Scholar in the British School of Rome in 1990. Much of his work is influenced by his studies in Rome. His distinctive style derives from that of ancient Roman frescoes, such as those found in Pompeii. Chris’s paintings have a unique “aged” look, brought about by the unusual techniques he employs in his artwork. These techniques can be clearly seen in the portraits of both students and teachers on which he worked for eight weeks and on the panels influenced by classical Hebrew manuscripts. The portraits have a particular relevance to the Jubilee celebrations of Stratford College, in that they enable the students of today to reflect on the present and the students of tomorrow to reflect on the past. These photos are a small selection of the Art displayed around the school.

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6th Year Graduation, 24th May 2019

This year's 6th Year Graduation was celebrated on a beautiful sunny mid-morning on Friday, 24th May. Speeches were made by Ms Gordon, Ms Kenny, Tim Murphy, Jakob Miller and Anne Baker. 

Thanks to Ms Kenny, Ms Talbot and Student Council for organising the hall, Lynn and Hilary for providing wonderful food and to Olivia (3Y) and David (5th Year) for the musical interlude. Thanks too to Brendan for having the hall look so splendid.

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