General Admissions & Transfer Information

The new legislation obliges schools to set out the manner and sequence in which selection criteria will be applied in the case of over subscription.

Schools must also set out requirements for schools to make offers and for applicants to accept offers and arrangements where offers may be withdrawn.

The new legislation will prohibit interviews, consideration of a student’s academic ability, skills or aptitude, consideration of a parent’s occupation, financial status, academic ability, skills or aptitude as a consideration for the offer of a place.

Stratford College was founded by the Dublin Jewish Community and provides a secondary education within a Jewish ethos, as defined by The Chief Rabbi of Ireland. It also welcomes pupils from other denominations and those of none. This richness of heritage combined with our experience of valuing other minority groups and of individuals makes our school truly unique. We welcome students from primary schools who share our commitment to such cultural and religious diversity.

Our Mission Statement aims to provide a teaching and learning community committed to quality and excellence in education. We are dedicated to:

• Providing a nurturing environment where each individual can develop self-esteem and a sense of their place in, and responsibility to, society.

• Instructing Jewish students in their religion while fostering mutual respect for all traditions.

• Promoting personal achievement and academic success.

• Respecting the unique potential of every student and encouraging each to maximise it.

The founding values continue to inspire the school today; those of educating our students in an inclusive academic environment which seeks to foster in young people a sense of personal and academic achievement, of respect for diversity and of service to the community.

Voluntary Secondary Schools (i.e. Faith based schools - Stratford College) may continue to discriminate in favour of children of their own faith if they are oversubscribed to protect the ethos of the school.

By enrolling in the school, parents/guardians and their child commit themselves to actively supporting and respecting the ethos of the School. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) and their child also commit themselves to accepting and supporting the School Code of Behaviour and School Regulations as will be constituted from time to time.

Under new rules which come into force for admissions for the 2021/2022 school year, no more than 25 per cent of school places may be set aside for children or grandchildren of past pupils.

Fee-charging schools may charge a deposit to secure a place.

Stratford College is a fee paying school. See our Fee and Arrears Policy for more information.


Schools will not be permitted to ask about a child’s academic ability or aptitude. Some parents, however, may wish to bring this up in any case to ensure they are satisfied the school has the experience of assisting children with special needs.

See our Whole School Educational Inclusion Policy for more details.

Under separate legislation, all children are entitled to opt out of religion (or, in fact, anything that is contrary to the conscience of a parent). This still applies. The only change it that schools will be obliged to provide details of arrangements in place for children who opt out of religious instruction.

Many schools distinguish between "religious education" - which they define as learning about religion, and "instruction", such as faith formation in a specific religion.

If you have already applied and accepted a place for these years (before 1st February 2020) you do not need to take any action until you receive notification from us in November prior to entry.

Your details will be in included in our database and you will be invited to re-apply in the October of the year prior to entry.

All applications received for years other than the above received after 1st February 2020 will be taken as being an expression of interest only and parents/guardians will be invited to apply again using the new procedures at the appropriate time. You do not need to take any action until you are contacted by the school.

However, please note that ALL applications will be processed according to the procedures detailed in the Admissions Policy that is in effect for the proposed year of entry and which supersedes all pre-existing admissions policies.

If you wish to make an application for a student entering a year other than first year, please see application above.