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NEWS / 13 May 2022

Art, Global Justice, Community Activism are intertwined in murals that explored themes such as Climate Action. The main mural - 'Rising tides' is in an open-art museum/classroom/teaching and learning space: a busy space where students move about in. The goal is to capture attention and trigger action.

We have addressed this topic across curriculum and in whole-school assembly and by inviting an artist in to work with students and teachers to spotlight the developed world's actions and the disproportionate impact that it has on developing countries such as countries in Africa and its people. “The bigger the statement, the more comments the murals receive.” Decker. Mural 2 - LGBTQ+ - Gender Inequality - a global perspective topic - mural encouraged conversation about the discrimination and gradual recognition of this community globally.

Key learnings:

A whole-school approach to addressing important Global Justice Themes was achieved by creating a student-led open art museum/teaching and learning space/global garden and reflection areas: Student-Staff Collaborative Projects are a democratic process of raising awareness and empowering student activism through art, gardening, and dialogue in curricular and extra-curricular spaces about important global themes.

Each space opens dialogue and creates awareness about sustainability; inequality of various types (social, cultural, economic, gender etc); the importance of taking climate action through student projects. Democratisation of teaching and learning processes enable students and staff to have a space to collaborate in, be active and reflective citizens on important global issues, past and present.

What worked well?

The opportunities to work collaboratively – student activism, art; sustainable living; dialogue and reflection; Crocus Project - Sustainable Garden projects; Junior Cycle CBAs that looked at Fast Fashion & Free Trade; unjust government policies; Climate Action.

The Murals

Curriculum links - CBA's that address issues such as Fast Fashion and Global Justice. Government policy and Budgets; War & Climate Action.

Biodiversity Garden - Crocus Project - HETI The Mary Elmes Competition

Ms Kenny

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