U16 Boys Basketball team win an exhilarating Cup Final!

NEWS / 6 December 2023

Yaaaayyyyyyyyyy! The U16's did it! In a most exhilarating and nail-biting final against John Scotus they won 27-26 in the dying seconds of the game. The whole school cheered the team on from the minute everyone arrived in school this morning to the homecoming 'parade of honour' when our boys got back to Stratford!

Today, the Stratford College under 16s boy's basketball team played in the league finals. All the students traveled all the way to the Oblate Hall in Inchicore to watch them play. It was definitely worth it because the support was unreal, most students were screaming their lungs out and many had made posters and sign specifically for the event.

The players played so well and every basket got a standing ovation. During the last quarter it was neck and neck with eight minutes left. Our team scored and we felt euphoric. With only a minute to go the other team got two free throws. The first one went in - the entire building felt tense and as the other team threw the ball it didn't go in.

The crowd exploded and we had won the league. However the euphoria doesn't end here as the students took the bus back they made a path for the players and cheered them on. The team consisted of Tomer, Mori, Liam, Josh, Finn, Adam, Paddy, Shea, Ugo and Louis. All their peers and teachers are so proud of them and their stunning performance. The team couldn't have done it without our school's maths/business teacher and basketball coach Mr. O'Callaghan. The team are so happy and have achieved so much! GO STRATFORD!!!
Olwyn Hughes (1st Year)

Mr O'Callaghan, the U16 squad, the team's helpers, Ms Finnegan - you gave us the best day in Stratford for a long, long time!

...onwards and upwards ...

Ms. O'Kelly

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