TY students visit central London and Bletchley Park

Dublin Airport
NEWS / 3 February 2020

The TYs flew out from Dublin to Luton airport extremely early on Sunday, 2nd February on the TY London Trip to explore World War II History, English/Drama and World War II Codebreaking and Computer Science history.

From Luton airport the TYs went to have brunch in Covent Garden (cool!) and then on to focus on the Holocaust Exhibition and World War II exhibitions in the Imperial War Museum @IWM. We then met our guide, Vivian, who walked and talked us through Whitehall (no sign of the Prime Minister), watched the Horse Guards Parade and then up The Mall to Buckingham Palace.

After all the walking we had a well deserved meal in Covent Garden and then on the watch "The Play that Goes Wrong" in the Duchess Theatre. And did it go wrong! Lots of laughs.

We took the scenic route through Picadilly Circus to get to our impressive hotel overlooking Kensington Gardens. After such a long day everyone was very tired! We also knew we had to get up early again the next day...

Bright and sunny, after breakfast Ms Reynolds urged us all to walk a little bit through Kensington Gardens and breathe in the spring air! Back on the bus and we headed north to Bletchley Park @bletchleypark near Milton Keynes.

Completely top secret work in codebreaking went on during World War II here and it was great to have watched "The Imitation Game" in Computer Studies classes to understand the importance of breaking the Enigma code and the work of Alan Turing @alanturing making the Bombe computer to do it! We also got to appreciate the hard work that is involved in codebreaking and the importance of it to help the Allies win the War. After all that thinking we had a light snack and then went to the Luton Mall for a more substanial meal, before getting back to Luton airport.

Tired, happy and full of stories, it was a great two days! See the 2019-2020 web gallery for more photos! Follow us on twitter too ...

Ms O'Kelly, Ms Kenny and Ms Reynolds

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