TY students enjoying unique work, and cultural experience, with JACI programme

NEWS / 10 February 2023

Jewish Arts and Culture Ireland (JACI) continue to deliver a varied and unique programme to TY students covering a range of artforms and aspects of culture including poetry, literature, language, oral history, music, visual art, and heritage. 

Students have been enjoying the opportunity to explore Jewish culture and heritage in Ireland, in a very practical and hands on way, learning new skills and growing in confidence while doing so - from developing their critical skills, media literacy, and film making abilities, to collaboration and communication.

Speaking about the student experience, Siobhan Reynolds, Deputy Principal said ”Shivaun Woolfson, author and historian, recently provided students with a two-hour workshop on interviewing skills - how to frame a question, how to ask question extensions, etc. This proved invaluable as I watched our students turn into empathetic, professional interviewers. They forgot about their own needs and focused entirely on their role as hosts and interviewers”.

Next week Shivaun Woolfson, will be back on campus to guide students through the editing stage of their interviews. This will consolidate the work completed during their Film Production class last autumn. They will also be working on editing their written creative responses to the elder narrators oral history interviews, and writing short scripts, poems and reflections to what they have observed so far.While later this week, students will be out and about creating their very own heritage trail in the city!Thanks to JACI and all the experts who have given their time to this unique programme, the culmination of which will be an exhibition in late March.

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