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NEWS / 5 February 2024

Since the start of 2024 the newly elected Student Council has been busy trying to improve our school. Here is a brief summary of some of the ongoing projects the Student Council is organising.

Every week our student representatives meet and discuss suggestions that the students bring forward. Recently we have had great success by organizing hot meals for the students and staff provided by the Deli 613. There was a buzz of excitement around the suggested menus, and we hope to see hot meals being made available in the coming weeks.

The Student Council are also pleased to announce that a Culture Day is being organized for later on this year. With the theme of ‘embrace to celebrate’ we are determined to make this a day for people to be proud of their ethnicity and be able to enjoy and learn about different cultures. Although we are at the planning stages of this event, we hope to incorporate traditional dances, different languages and clothing.

The ISSU (Irish Second-Level Students’ Union) Annual assembly is taking place on the 2nd and 3rd of April and senior student council members will be taking part in the upcoming events. This will be an eye-opening experience where students can propose policies, take part in workshops and listen to guest speakers. The ISSU have also created a Racism in Schools Survey that has been emailed to all students at Stratford College to fill out. This survey will give the ISSU invaluable insight into the experiences of students.

The last upcoming event is the leadership training that the senior prefects and mentors will be taking part in on the 8th of March. This will give our student leaders valuable life skills and make them feel confident in their abilities to lead the younger years.

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Fashion, Sustainability and Active Citizenship

Fashion, Sustainability and Active Citizenship

We are delighted to welcome back past pupil Leah Gaynor to the school. Leah is hosting workshops for 2nd & 3rd Year CSPE and TY Politics and Society on the issue of Fashion, Sustainability & Active Citizenship. This is part of coursework in promoting the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Thanks to World Wise Global Schools (WWGS) in supporting education in this area.

V. Kenny & G. McGill

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Congratulations to our UCD and TCD Entrance Scholars/Exhibition  2023

Congratulations to our UCD and TCD Entrance Scholars/Exhibition 2023

UCD Entrance Scholars are first year students recognised for their academic achievement who have achieved 560 points or more in their Leaving Certificate (or equivalent second level examination). 

TCD Entrance Exhibitions (EU Students Only)
Entrance exhibitions are automatically awarded to Junior Fresh (first year) new entrants provided that sufficient merit is shown in public examination results.  Read more.

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