Stratford supports Stand Up Awareness Week

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NEWS / 22 November 2021

Stand Up Awareness week was celebrated in Stratford from 15th - 19th November, finishing up on Friday, 19th in a wash of colour as students were allowed a non-uniform day to wear bright colours!

In addition, Stratford are also organising the construction of a Mural to display support and solidarity towards the LGBTI community. The TY's, Ms. Talbot, Ms. Finnegan recommend that the school community contribute to the project, through bringing minor excess plastic to school [prefererably bottle caps], over the next number of days.

Thanks for your co-operation, The TY's

Thanks too to Student Council, Ms Talbot and Ms Finnegan for all their help in organising the week. Thanks too to Ms Donohoe who persevered in getting the perfect photo of our flag in challenging weather conditions!

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