Stratford Past Pupils Look Back: Robert Downes

NEWS / 15 July 2016

Robert Downes, Drama Performance - DIT, contributed his memories of Stratford for the 60th Anniversary book, '60 Years A Growing', which was launched in November 2014.

I think it’s true to say, I loved this school from the moment I joined. The small class sizes and friendly atmosphere meant I made friends quickly and became heavily involved in the life of the school.

When I joined Stratford, my dream was to become an actor, and this dream was nurtured and encouraged by the staff whole-heartedly. I was given the chance to be in a stage production each year, which gave me an artistic outlet, and I joined the Choir, which taught me to sing, something I had not done before. I was also given the chance to get involved in poetry reading competitions, drama exams, and workshops with many different performers during our highly anticipated Arts Weeks.

In Transition Year, I was even given the opportunity to direct the end of year play, and to write, act in and direct my own film. I also was given the chance to create my own company and organise a ‘Battle of the Bands’, which tuned my event management skills, essential skills for my profession. 

When it came to choosing a college, my teachers encouraged me to audition for all drama courses. Both my English teachers (who have backgrounds in Drama) helped pick the monologues and meticulously rehearse for these auditions. I am currently studying Drama Performance in DIT Rathmines. I owe my success in no small part to Stratford College. I will always be thankful to the staff for their support and assistance in helping me to reach my goals.

Robert Downes

Read the 60 Years A Growing eBook for more Stratford memories.

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