Stratford College bids farewell and thanks to long term members of its patron body, and welcomes a new chairperson of Dublin Talmud Torah

NEWS / 21 December 2022

Stratford College, Dublin, today announced that three long serving members of its patron body Dublin Talmud Torah (DTT) will be stepping down after over 40 years of committed leadership and service. Following a recent AGM and in line with charity regulations, long standing members of DTT - Mrs Carolyn Collins, Mr Alan Green and Mr Monty Ross - will be departing their roles as trustees.

Principal of Stratford College, Ms Patricia Gordon said: “Their contribution to the school, its legacy and its growth has been incalculable…they will be hugely missed on both a professional and a personal level. As past pupils, and as past parents, their knowledge and involvement with school life has been deep and impactful, and on behalf of all of us in Stratford schools, I want to thank them most sincerely for their work, passion and support over the years. We wish them well in their retirement”.“I’d also like to very much welcome the nomination of Dr Hadromi-Allouche to the post of chairperson of Dublin Talmud Torah as I know she will bring a wealth of relevant and positive experience to the role. We very much look forward to working with her in her new capacity as chair”.

An event to mark the retirement and contribution of Mrs Collins, Mr Green and Mr Ross will be held in Stratford College in Spring 2023.

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