Stratford College & Leaving Certificate Calculated Grades Process 2020

NEWS / 4 October 2020

We were delighted to hear how pleased the class of 2020 are with their results. Results achieved in very difficult and unprecedented circumstances.

Key Facts (to date)

94% of our students' grades were in line with or above expectations (estimated grades).

79% of our students scored over the national average, 51% more than expectations (CAT4 scores). Our students continue to achieve more than their identified potential in objective educational assessment testing.

22% gained over 500 points (13.3% nationally) including the highest achiever this year, Sophie Maneva, who gained 600 (1.4% nationally) out of a possible maximum of 620 points!

There was no change to the Calculated Grades received by our students following a national review on the 3rd October.

90% approx (the CAO process is still ongoing) of our students got their first choice and are taking up their places in UCD, TCD, DCU, TU, GMIT, Liberties and Rathmines Colleges to name a few. We wish them every luck after an extremely difficult year.

Some Student Feedback

"The teachers you've collected together always taught me with such passion. They challenged me to work harder and provided me with learning opportunities textbooks never could.

Thank you again for all of your support through my years in Stratford.

Thank you for all the opportunities , from speaking in front of the EU parliament , to driving days and trips, but most importantly I think , thank you for giving me a safe and open environment where I found who I really was, learnt invaluable skills that no text book could ever teach me and for letting me grow as a person .

Many thanks to you and all the teachers for all your help and support.

Thanks so much to you and the staff for all of your support."

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